Deer Hill’s preferred builder is Don Tankersley & Co. . We have asked Don Tankersley & Co. to be our preferred builder for this project. This will insure that each home is built to the highest specifications, which will serve each individual homeowner well, and will also maintain the overall quality of the neighborhood.

Since 1992, Don Tankersley Construction has earned a reputation among architects, clients, and building professionals as one of Portland’s preeminent custom homebuilders.  As Don Tankersley & Co, we are a collaborative team with Don Tankersley at the helm, sharing the common goal of creating legacy properties that will live long and live well.  Together we offer unparalleled attention to detail, and a deep passion and respect for both craft and design.

Don will be glad to work with you to find the right architect for your project, and is pleased to report that the following firms have confirmed their interest in Deer Hill:

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